You don’t tell a chef how to prepare your food either, right? So sit back, relax, and let me make you something pretty.

Hey there, I’m Joy [noun: the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure]. Working with me could possibly give you a feeling of satisfaction, and I will willingly work with you to make this possible. Through design of course, not sure what you  were thinking of.

Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Joy van der Veeken. I’m a maker of all things pretty, a creative soul. I love outing creativity in every way possible: sketches and doodles, fashion, design, photography, you name it.

I like making pretty things. It all started in primary school, where teachers would get rather upset with me doodling away in my workbooks. Throughout the years I learned how to draw and paint properly, got myself a pirated copy of Fireworks and Photoshop when I was 14 and ended up choosing a rather creative thing for university. Graduated with a BA in Communication and Multimedia Design [major, minor in Visualising Information] in early 2014.

I think in visuals. Expect me to either get really excited or get absolutely terrified when I visualise the things you might say to me (I try to keep it to myself, I promise). It helps a lot when working something out, being able to easily visualise ideas.

Other than that. I’m just your regular introverted [mbti-profile: INFJ], geeky and kind hearted girl next door. I’m quite into cooking, daydreaming and stargazing (I just look at the sky to be honest), photo- and cinematography, videogames, sci-fi, being creative (I draw and paint and such), comicbooks and other geeky stuff.